New News

Hi again all three of my readers!

I haven’t been doing much lately.  Trying to finish a screenplay I’ve been working on for months, then I’m working on, like, THREE more scripts.  My Macbook crashed and I lost all the important files that help make up an episode of Hyperchuckle FM (mostly the music cutaways, I still really like the theme song I’ve made up for it, organ and all).




Hyperchuckle FM Episode 3: Tomes and Talismans will start recording soon!  This time with profanity!  I have to write the fucker, but I promise Episode 3 will out soon enough.

Not doing anything Wednesday?  Come to Vlad the Retailer in West Hollywood!  I’m doing comedy!  I’m going to unveil my new, strong bit: Summer Jams!  Also, bear witness to my wacky conspiracy theory that Gremlins was a racist movie!  I’m also going to make jokes about Gil-Scott Heron and Chuck Berry and Willow Smith!  It’s like Shark Week but in a fifteen minute span!  Plus, there’s gonna be a lot of “hip” dirt kids there!  Wanna getcher pole smoked?


Also be on the lookout for L.A.’s Got Talent! Comedy Night!  I’m performing with a bunch of funny fucking folks (and I know they’re funny because I’ve seen their material and let’s just say it’s like watching Tim Allen minus the shittiness!)  It’s on August 11th at the Sancho Gallery on Melrose!  Heeeeeeyyyyy


Other than that I NEED FINAL CUT PRO.  It is killing me inside, goddammit.  I NEED FINAL CUT PRO.


That is all.